Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A day for pancakes

Sift the flour and crack the egg, mix in the milk and butter the pan. Get out the lemon and the sauces and, if you're like me, regret that you don't have any maple syrup.
Do you have friends round, or are you sharing a stack with a loved one?
Are you branching out into savoury pancakes?
And most importantly, can you flip your pancake without it folding over or indeed toss it right up in the air? (I'm still working on this bit)

Maybe you're not interested. Maybe it's all media hype. Or maybe it's the last day before lent, marking the start of the lead up to Easter. A day to use up things you're not going to eat for a few weeks, resisting their tempting flavours.

Whether you like them or not, today is a day for pancakes.

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