Monday, 22 April 2013

Bane's World of Adventure

So a week's gone by now, I mean since I was, like, kicked out of home. Well, not kicked out exactly, but I left, anyway, it's complicated. And I was just chilling out in the woods, sneaked through a couple of back gardens, had some fun, but it was getting on and I hadn't figured out anywhere to stay the night yet.
   I was just crossing this road, however, when I saw this dude with dreads, strolling along and I thought, he's my kind of guy. Him and me, we can be good mates. So I ran over and he stopped to greet me and sure enough, before I could say, 'can I stay at your place?' he'd taken me back to his place, well sort of.
   Anyway, he and his mates gave me some nuts and a bit of fruit, but then things started to go wrong. Someone suggested the surgery and one thing led to another and suddenly I found myself outside this big building. Fortunately it was shut for the evening but the dude rang this number on the door and the person on the other end said something about putting me down. I thought that didn't sound so good, and I couldn't believe after the start we'd made, that the dude wanted to get rid of me so quickly. Except I'd got it wrong and the dude was like "No he can stay with me," and hung up. After that me and the dude went to his van and he made me a bed and I was so tired I just curled up and went to sleep.

The next few days I just crashed in the van. It was pretty good fun, and certainly warm enough, but by Friday it was starting to get a bit boring, so I gave the dude a look and he took me back to his mates' house. Then he built this rough shelter in the back garden, which was cool, and left me to it.
   Well I hung around for a bit but then I heard someone next door so I slipped over the fence to meet them. It was this woman, and she was a bit scary or scared, I couldn't quite work out which. Anyway, once she'd calmed down we had a good laugh, and she found her family and we all shook hands, and that's how easy it is to make friends with your neighbours.

Next day I did a bit of exploring, checked out the area again, found a bit to eat and generally established myself. On sunday though I thought I'd better find out what was going on inside the house, so I let myself in and found the dude and he was pretty pleased to see me and since he had a bit of time he upgraded the home he'd built me and then we just hung out till bed.

So all in all, it's been a pretty sweet first week.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Annapolis is the capital of Maryland

Does anyone else, when they hear about the state known as Maryland, think of a land filled with people called Mary? And yet their capital is Annapolis! Who came up with that? Surely Marypolis would have been more suitable. I reckon whoever it was probably got banished from the Land of Marys. She/he (let's not be sexist here) really should have taken advice from the namer of Indianapolis, which, funnily enough, is the capital of Indiana. See, makes much more sense.

Maryland is roughly the same size a Belgium, making it one of the smallest states, which I think says more about Belgium. However it also one of the most populous states and technically the wealthiest, but I think that's enough useless information for one day.

Who are these people that live in Maryland? What do they do? How weird that there's nearly 6 million people over there, (unless you're one of them), living their own lives, totally separate to mine, not knowing that I'm writing about them, happy in their Maryish ignorance. Have nice lives Marylanders!