Saturday, 13 April 2013

Annapolis is the capital of Maryland

Does anyone else, when they hear about the state known as Maryland, think of a land filled with people called Mary? And yet their capital is Annapolis! Who came up with that? Surely Marypolis would have been more suitable. I reckon whoever it was probably got banished from the Land of Marys. She/he (let's not be sexist here) really should have taken advice from the namer of Indianapolis, which, funnily enough, is the capital of Indiana. See, makes much more sense.

Maryland is roughly the same size a Belgium, making it one of the smallest states, which I think says more about Belgium. However it also one of the most populous states and technically the wealthiest, but I think that's enough useless information for one day.

Who are these people that live in Maryland? What do they do? How weird that there's nearly 6 million people over there, (unless you're one of them), living their own lives, totally separate to mine, not knowing that I'm writing about them, happy in their Maryish ignorance. Have nice lives Marylanders!

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