Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Bridging the Gap

Changes are coming, and have already come, and I don't just mean the new background to the blog (I'm still working on it).

Indeed changes seem to come quite regularly these days, or at least more regularly than I expected they would years ago, but I'm getting used to them. New locations, new people, a new job this time for me, and always new gaps to bridge. Hopefully I will build new bridges as sturdy and long-lasting as the viaduct in the picture above.

There is a young girl I know, who is just beginning school and is very excited by the prospect, she cannot wait for her first piece of homework. The divide between youth and adult can sometimes be very wide! However, I am aiming to begin this new adventure with the same enthusiasm!

Sunday, 21 August 2016

An Ending

I am not an Olympian, but I strive for the best, for perfection.
I have not won a medal, but I have been rewarded with gold of a different kind.

I have come to measure my success by the reactions of those I work with.
I have discovered joy in the achievements of others and in shared experiences.

I will remember the freezing rain, the wind and the mud and know that difficulties can be endured and overcome.
I will remember the gentle, glorious sunshine and tell myself to get outside as often as possible.

Thank you to the kids, who have given their trust and their love,
Thank you to the leaders, for their encouragement and praise,
Thank you to my colleagues, my friends, my house mates, you were my gold medal.
Thank you PGL for the opportunity to do something I loved and I could excel at. I am not an Olympian but sometimes I have felt like one.

And I'm still working on that.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

A Strange Day Out

Just experienced one of the odder days I've had with PGL, chaperoning 50 French teenagers (and their leaders) around Liverpool. They don't speak English and I don't speak French so conversation was limited and they got on fine without me, so I sort of ended up just following them around.
     Now I've always thought the French were a little bit bonkers and sometimes grumpy, but this group were some of the happiest French people I've met (as well as being bonkers). They regularly broke out in song or dance, usually in the middle of the street. There was an impressive group performance of Uptown Funk that drew a fair crowd of shoppers in the main precinct followed by a French version of the Conga. A lot of the Liverpuddlians seemed to enjoy this wacky crowd of French kids, but being British many of them were also not sure if they should be scowling, confused or just laughing at them. Not that the group minded, they were fairly oblivious to everyone else and just out for a good time. As for me, I just went with it, there wasn't much else I could do and anyway it made the day extra enjoyable!

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Photographing Paris

What a delight. I spent the day touring Parisian streets in the sunshine and trying to be artsy with my camera. Here are my mixed results.


Saturday, 6 August 2016

Olympics are Go!

The sport finally begins after so much bad press. The Opening Ceremony was a bit odd at times, but its simple style and messages of peace and unity were wonderful. I think the best parts were the speeches which highlighted the importance of the games and the Olympic spirit, especially with the new Olympic Laurel award. I hope the latest Olympians will breathe new life into the Olympic dream for our Olympic World.