Sunday, 21 August 2016

An Ending

I am not an Olympian, but I strive for the best, for perfection.
I have not won a medal, but I have been rewarded with gold of a different kind.

I have come to measure my success by the reactions of those I work with.
I have discovered joy in the achievements of others and in shared experiences.

I will remember the freezing rain, the wind and the mud and know that difficulties can be endured and overcome.
I will remember the gentle, glorious sunshine and tell myself to get outside as often as possible.

Thank you to the kids, who have given their trust and their love,
Thank you to the leaders, for their encouragement and praise,
Thank you to my colleagues, my friends, my house mates, you were my gold medal.
Thank you PGL for the opportunity to do something I loved and I could excel at. I am not an Olympian but sometimes I have felt like one.

And I'm still working on that.

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