Saturday, 12 January 2013

Grey skies for a grey day

A wet Saturday in January. Feeling strange, feeling sad, although there is nothing strange and nothing to feel sad about. The radiators are on. I get more feelings: curling on sofas and wearing large jumpers and reading quietly.
     Next door the children, so noisy in the early morning, have gone silent, or gone out, though where to? In the rain and easterly wind that threatens snow, which wouldn't settle.
     Work has to be done, or rather, study. Increasing knowledge, producing word counts, perfecting techniques. All the while finishing the last of the Christmas chocolate, of which there was actually a large amount. Tiredness will come swiftly tonight.
     The year has yet to really get going, or maybe it's already in full flow, but just doesn't feel like it. Not much has happened, and then again, quite a lot. I think things are a bit unsettled, like the weather; sunny yesterday, raindrops racing on windows today. There's a steady patter on the glass.
     Is there anything interesting happening where you are?
     Well it is January in a wet Saturday.

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