Friday, 31 January 2014

Long days, Late nights

I meant to post on Wednesday, and again yesterday but both have come and gone, so today will have to do instead, before January slips into February.

It's getting towards the end of my first placement and everything is go as I try to get in as much teaching as I can. Between the planning, marking and evaluating this has meant working till 10 and 10:30pm on a few nights this week, which can't be right, and yet I'm only planning one or two lessons per day and marking one round of books. Meanwhile the class teacher is planning and marking the rest, so maybe she isn't sleeping at all, I'm not sure.

Otherwise the week has been dominated by the monsoon that has descended on the country and particularly Somerset, meaning my long days have also been grey days. Strangely it also caused me to accidentally break out in song part way through a handwriting session, much to the children's delight. My excuse is that I couldn't think of any other sentence with the word 'weather' (which they were practising) except 'Oh the weather outside is frightful'. This of course is doubly bad because it's a Christmas song, but the kids seemed to enjoy it immensely and requested that I sing something for the next word. Sadly I couldn't think of a song with the lyric 'heightened' in it. Any suggestions, please put below!

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