Sunday, 23 March 2014

Aware of the change

It's not often that we notice changes while they are happening. Generally we only realise later on that something is different. I am, however, very much aware of the change that is about to happen, and is happening, as I move into my second placement and begin looking on to what happens next.
     My time at Uni is at an end (or almost) and it was strange saying goodbye to coursemates who will remain coursemates over the coming months despite the fact that I'll probably only see most of them a few more times. Tomorrow I head to a new school and a new class and many new challenges. I must hit the ground running and keep my head above the water, as they say. (Got to love a good mixed metaphor).
     As well as adjusting to this full time work situation (after a fairly relaxed 5 weeks) I must crack on with my final essay, due shortly after Easter - the year is going so fast - and be constantly on the look out for potential jobs for the autumn. Juggling all of these balls (while running and keeping my head above water) will no doubt keep me insanely busy, so if you don't hear from me/see me much for a few months my sincerest apologies, but I will endeavour to keep you updated on my progress, as well as anything interesting or amusing that occurs!

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