Friday, 11 July 2014

West Highland Way - Before the start

It's a balmy, sunny, English-summer evening (at least where I am). The sun on my shoulders as I stroll around the estate with the dog, not wanting to push my legs to hard. It's a good evening for walking and I'm hoping for many more in the next few days, just a bit further north. Say, Scotland?

Two years ago Hannah and I tackled the Coast-to-Coast. A 200 mile trek across some of England's best countryside.

Tomorrow we set out again, this time to conquer Scotland (or part of it). The distance is shorter (just 100 miles) and surprisingly the climbing actually a little less (if you discount Ben Nevis). But with midges and the ever present threat of rain (beginning tomorrow, worryingly) it will of course present plenty of challenges.

Here it is then:
The journey begins from home by car, then train at 6.30am heading north to Crewe, then Glasgow and finally Milngavie (pronounced Mul-guy (don't ask)) where the walk officially begins. Then it's 12 miles before the first campsite. The following days are of a similar length, in fact every day is below 15 miles, apart from one 18.5 miler. All being well, we will reach the foot of Ben Nevis on Friday 18th July before the ascent of Britain's highest mountain the next day. Then it will be a sleepy, Sunday train ride back from Fort William.

So in just over a week I should be able to say how it's gone. Check back then!

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