Tuesday, 18 November 2014

When kids are almost right

Children are very good at being wonderfully practical and often amusingly incorrect. For example:

"In Wales you can tell it's summer, because the rain gets warmer."

Q: Define the word 'Coincide'.
A: It is a direction, as in "Coincide, it's cold out here."

Parallel lines can't meet, unless you bend them.

Q: Why did the Israelites make a golden calf?
A: Because they didn't have enough for a cow.

Mushrooms look like umbrellas because they grow when it's raining.

Q: If you stand facing North, what do you have on your left hand?
A: Fingers

Sometimes they can be nearly right!

Henry VIII had the prayer book put into English to spite the Pope who wanted to marry Catherine of Aragon.

A refugee is someone who takes charge at football matches.

Manpower is the extra strength men have more than women.

Moths eat holes.

And once in a while they are absolutely spot on!

Genius is an infinite capacity for picking brains.

Q: Name five animals that live in the rainforest.
A: A sloth and four monkeys.

Ed Miliband has been in Labour ever since he entered politics.

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