Saturday, 12 September 2015

Sports Fans

As much as football crowds in the UK have a bad reputation both for being crude and occasionally violent, they do also contain a seed of that brilliant British humour. Only a football crowd would sing "Is there a fire drill?" while the losing opposition fans head for the exits before the conclusion of a match.

Cricket fans, however, have to top them for being able to create a great atmosphere with fewer members in attendance. Although only at cricket matches do you get supporters of the winning team leaving before the conclusion because they've got to get home for their tea.

Rugby fans, predictably, are the most hardy of supporters, being the ones most happy to continue watching in an open stadium in a downpour, although a match is only 80 minutes long.

The best all round supporters, however, are probably those who follow individual sports such as golf and tennis because they are most appreciative of great play regardless of who is successful, and that is something I wish would transfer to all sports grounds, because I think it is something that is in all fans.

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