Thursday, 25 February 2016

Creators - Short Story no.2

Ariana lay back in the mid-morning sunshine, gazing at the bright, blue sky.
               “You should be careful,” said Ruben, beside her, “you’ll hurt your eyes.”
               “It doesn’t bother me,” she replied.
               “What doesn’t?”
               “The light. And anyway, the sun is so beautiful.”
               “Nah, it’s just a burning mass of helium, and one day it’ll go out, but I intend to make the most of its heat while it’s still there.”
               Ariana didn’t say anything. After a while Ruben rolled on to his side to look at her. He stroked her arm softly, but she continued to stare into the sky.
               “What you thinking?” Asked Ruben.
               “About stars going out. They last a long time, but like everything else they are destroyed and then remade as something else. Like those new stars.” She lifted a long arm and pointed to the sky.
               Ruben looked up. “What new stars, you can’t see stars in the day time, and even at night you need a telescope to see nebulas.”
               “You do,” said Ariana.
               “And you don’t, I suppose. You can see all the stars and watch them dying and being born.”
               “It’s all part of being a creator.”
               “I don’t understand you, sometimes,” said Ruben shaking his head and lying back down.
               “No, and that’s all right. You don’t have to understand everything you know. Not knowing is wonderful too. It means you can still be filled with wonder.

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