Saturday, 29 October 2016

A Tour of Lancaster

So I've been living in Lancaster, in the north of England for two months now and I thought I'd give you a tour.

Lancaster is a typical English city - at first it seems simple and outdated, then, as you get to know it more, it becomes confusing and quaint (and outdated). Eventually it becomes familiar and homely (and probably still outdated) but I haven't reached that stage yet.
     There is one central street, mostly pedestrianised, off which are various shopping precincts, hidden cafes and bargain stores. Wrapped around this is a short, elongated, ring-road (of sorts), built something like Formula One circuit. However, it operates a frustrating one-way system, as seen in many other English cities, because it wasn't designed for the current quantity of traffic, and thus has an average speed limit of approximately 4.3 miles an hour.
     The city slopes towards the River Lune and Morecambe Bay and the residents commiserate with each other about the exertion required by the hills, but only because they've never lived anywhere with serious climbs, despite the Lake District being just up the road. The city does offer some fine views, however, and partly because the tallest building is the Cathedral Spire (I think there must be some local ruling on the height of buildings). The other noticeable structure is the Castle, which stands prominently overlooking the maze of little roads, the tidal river and the people bustling about the town centre.
     Lancaster may be small but it has a quiet energy, a feeling like things are happening there. I wonder what?

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