Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Three Kings met on the Battlefield

Three kings met on the battlefield.
The first backed down and rode away,
The second saw it a game to play,
The third put up a big display.
The battle raged from day to day,
The armies knew not who held sway,
At times it seemed like disarray,
And each King shouted, "Come what may,
I'll live to fight another day."
And each King sought to make a way,
And push the other to dismay.
But neither one would kneel and pray,
But swore they'd make the other pay,
Frequently crying out, "Foul Play!"
For to their reputation slay.
But somehow to the final day,
Both Kings survived and no delay
Could the bitter war belay.
And how will history portray?
The many soldiers who will say,
"I fought bravely in the fray."
But in the end one could not stay,
The grey haired King was forced to yield.

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