Wednesday, 21 March 2012

78 minutes

I'm running, running, here and there, back and forth, I'm running. I've stopped running, or have I? No I'm still running, but I'm not going anywhere. Have I stopped?
     I'm falling.
     No, I'm still running.
     But no, I'm definitely falling. Gently, slowly.
     I'm running flat out now.
     I'm on the ground.
     Faster, faster.
     I can feel the grass between my fingers. How did I get here again?
     Everything has become a blur.
     The damp smell of the evening dew fills my mouth and nose.
     Darkness is taking over.
     The noise increases and suddenly dies.

Suddenly I burst out into light, like coming out of a tunnel. I slow down and come to a halt resting my hands on my knees, gasping for breath. It's strange, I can't feel my heart beat. Still panting but the air doesn't seem to come.
     The light is very bright here. Bright white. How far did I run? Where have I come to? I was going so fast I wasn't paying attention.
     'You know, you didn't run so far,' says a voice, 'and you didn't run that fast. It was time that was moving fast, speeding by you.'
     The light is so bright I can't see a thing. 'Who are you?' I try to say, but no words come out.
     'A nation has been praying for you. Now it's time for you to go back.'

     There is a click and I'm yanked backwards and upwards. I'm flying and everything is a blur again, but this time there is no darkness. I crash down onto my back, but it's a soft landing. I bounce and gasp. Air fills me and my heart is racing. I open my eyes for a second and a blaze of colour an noise overwhelms me. I close them again and peace returns. I'll try again later. For now I just want to sleep.

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