Saturday, 31 March 2012


A professor once said to his class “Has anyone ever seen God?” The class was silent. “Has anyone ever touched God?” Again the class was silent. “Has anyone ever smelt God?” Still the class was silent. “Well then according to my logic, there is no God.”
     At that point a student stood up at the back of the class and said, “Has anyone ever seen the professor’s brain? Has anyone ever touched the professor’s brain? Has anyone even ever smelt the professor’s brain?” And the class was silent. “Then according to the professor’s logic, the professor doesn’t have a brain.”

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  1. I like this - it made me smile. How complicated people want to make God seem when really all He asks for is our simple understanding. We have forgotten what faith looks like, feels like, sounds like and yes - even smells like!!
    This week I have learned that faith is being willing to give up that which you want with all your heart, knowing that God has my very best interests at heart ... and having done that, being given it back again - only this time, wrapped with love from God!
    Never stop listening to Him xx