Monday, 14 May 2012

Music of the night

I wake up to the sound of heavy rainfall. It's dark outside and I lie for a moment listening to the drops pounding on the window. Slowly I sit up and pull back the corner of the curtain. The street is still and the orange glow of the lights reveals dry pavements. There is no rain, but I can still hear it.
     Is it inside my head? Am I dreaming? I hear a creak but there is no wind either. The sound seems to be coming from inside the house, and I wonder if someone has left a tap running.
     Then it dawns on me. S_____ is playing the piano with his headphones plugged in. His fingers are dancing along the keyboard but all I can hear is a monotonous drumming. Somewhere behind all that there is a beautiful melody, which I would much rather listen to than the rhythmic thumping of plastic keys.
     I check the time on my phone. 3am, it reads. The drumming continues.
     I have to content myself with trying to get back to sleep by counting the number of beats per minute. I fall asleep to the sound of heavy rainfall.

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