Wednesday, 19 December 2012

My Advent Calendar - Day 19

December 19th

Welcome to Day 19 of my Advent Calendar, where I am reliving my Coast to Coast adventure!

Day 12

~ More up and down, The Wainstones, Return of the rain, Disused railway line, We stay at another pub, Our last night of camping ~

We wasted little time in the morning and quickly got back to the path. The rolling moorland stretched on and we seemed to spend half an hour going up and then another half hour going back down again.
            We had been warned of the potential difficulty of the Wainstones in the guide book and we did indeed struggle. The Wainstones are a group of large rocks scattered over an patch of hillside. The path is non-existent and so you have to find your own way. Of course this is a lot easier without heavy bags, and we took ours off until we made it to the top.
            Eventually the land flattened out as we joined the route of an old mountain railway line. This snaked around the hills in wide bends, which made it feel like we weren’t making much progress. The rain had returned too and the afternoon was fairly dull, but we sang songs to ourselves to keep our spirits up and pressed on.
            Eventually our destination came into view as we rounded yet another bend and saw, up the hill to our left, a pub. At 1,320 feet The Lion Inn is one of the highest pubs in England and has spectacular views of the moors. They also do some nice food and after pitching the tent in the overflow car park, we went inside for dinner. By the time we’d finished the sun was fully out and the sky clear. This, we reckoned, was our first dry night of camping, it also happened to be our last night of camping. No bad thing either, the tent was showing wear. One of the poles had a crack, but it seemed to be holding.
            We watched the sun go down and then tucked down for our penultimate night. There were just two more days of walking to go. We could do this! We were going to do this! Nothing could stop us now!

The Wainstones


 The view from the tent


Watching the sunset

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