Thursday, 20 December 2012

My Advent Calendar - Day 20

December 20th

Welcome to Day 20 of my Advent Calendar, where I am reliving my Coast to Coast adventure!

Day 13 – Part 1

~ Damp morning, We find out what the inside of a cloud looks like, Ugly Betty, Walking with people again, Australians, Glaisdale ~

Sadly the sunshine of the night before had been replaced by rain when we woke on the penultimate morning of our two week adventure. A cloud had descended over the moors and when we looked out of the tent we couldn’t even see the pub 100 metres away. As we packed up the cloud slowly lifted and by the time we set off we could at least see the road and moorland ahead.
            It drizzled on and off and we decided to stick to the road as it curved around the hill, rather than cut across the moor. We stopped to say hi to Ugly Betty, another Coast to Coast tradition. Basically it’s a couple of rocks that look vaguely like a fat woman (but don’t tell any of the Coast to Coast die hards I said that) and you leave a piece of food for her. I can’t remember why.
            After a while we left the road and joined a path headed towards Glaisdale. We found ourselves in a large group, most of whom we didn’t know, and together we huddled from the rain and trudged on. A little later we met a couple from Australia who explained the great usefulness of bubble wrap. Apparently it makes an excellent waterproof seat when you want to rest, and of course it weighs barely anything. They were taking the route steadily, 19 days in fact, but then, as they’d come from the other side of the world, we didn’t blame them.
            Glaisdale lies just to the north of the moors, literally on the side of a hill and we descended the steep road into the village just on lunch time. The rain had just about stopped and we found a small café for a bite to eat. Outside some kind of motorbike rally was passing through, which made it very noisy, but we didn’t mind, Glaisdale was still (of course) a ‘nice little place’.

Looking East from The Lion Inn

Sadly, we weren’t going this way

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