Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Mealworms and Locusts

It was break time when the whisper went around the staff room that a kid in Year 4 had brought in a locust as part of a class study on Egypt. Slowly a stream of teachers and assistants sneaked off the classroom (it was wet play) to see this for themselves.
     When I arrived a small crowd of children surrounded a boy who was holding a plastic tub in one hand and, sure enough, a locust in the other! Not only that but the boy next to him also had a plastic tub and no less than five small creatures that turned out to be mealworms.
     "They bite," he told me, "do you want to hold one?" Then he placed one in my hand where it proceeded to walk backwards (don't know why).
     Meanwhile the locust, which was about the size of my finger, with some pretty powerful legs, was beginning to hop. Fortunately the boy was quite protective of his unusual pet and put it back in the box.
     Just another day in school.

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