Saturday, 9 November 2013

A lesson in History

Full week 1 in school ticked off, and a few more observations. I have now recognised several well known characters in the classroom.
     Mr Sporty - nimble and quick, with good hand-eye coordination. Scored an easy hat-trick in hockey.
     Mr Precise - knows the full story of several Greek mythical beasts and twice told me that Columbus did not sail to America but a small island off the coast.
     Miss Stick-at-it-no-matter-what - pressed on all day with her writing despite a flu jab in her writing arm, even switching to her left hand before she allowed me to scribe for her.
     Miss Quiet-but-with-hidden-talents - small and apparently shy, but musically talented as she showed by singing for the whole class in show-and-tell. (One Direction never sounded better).

The class dynamics are interesting, overall it is a great class for a teacher, with no really difficult children and not a huge difference in ability. There is, however, a big split in the genders with 16 boys and only 10 girls at the moment. It is also a young class with only 4 birthdays before Christmas and half of the class born from April-August.

Yesterday I took my first whole lesson with all of the class. For them it was a lesson in History, for me it was a lesson in how to teach. I can say, however, that we got done everything I had planned and that the children could by the end tell me that 'AD' stood not for 'Anni Domino' but it's correct Latin pronunciation.

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