Saturday, 30 November 2013

Time is short

So I'm very busy, but had to squeeze in another post before November is out (already!!).

My list of things to do looks like this:
  • Complete forms about my learning in Science, Maths and English
  • Continue some planning for lessons around a book
  • Fill out a review of the phonics programme that my placement school uses
  • Write up notes about some writing samples from kids in my class and annotate some other work that they have done
  • Add to my file for the term and make sure I'm ticking off all the required content
  • Oh, and plan and write a 2500 word essay at masters level by the 20th December.
Plus all the usual weekly reviews, prep for seminars in the coming week (readings, slide notes, etc) and of course write a blog post every now and then!

Aside from that I can tell you that I now have a cow named after me to go with the dove. Not sure this is quite as flattering, but oh well.

I also failed to win anything in the raffle at the school fair last night. I tried to point out that it's still November but apparently they like to get these things in early.
     My class prepared a fair trade stall, mostly manned by me, which took me back to the days when I worked in a fair trade shop. Still amazes me how hard it is to convince people that paying a bit more is fair, though.

Ah well. The sun is shining here. Might go for a walk later if I can freeze time. Enjoy your day!

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