Friday, 14 February 2014

Broken hearts on Valentines

Never have I broken so many hearts on any day, let alone Valentines. This was my final day at my first placement school and there were more than a few tears come 3 o'clock.

It's been a crazy week as timetable was downed for a Science Focus week, which has involved science shows, competitions, mock-up labs, experiments, and a pop up planetarium. The rain, of course, has persisted, but little did I know that the kids were spending their wet plays preparing songs, dances, cards, pictures and many other things.

Many of them have been trying to find ways to keep me at the school and I've written up my favourites below:

"You could always tell your tutor that you are stuck in a marmalade jar and nobody can get you out because you have an electrical shield around you"

"If I told David Cameron that I was gonna give him £1million I can hold him ransom in a toilet cubicle until he lets you stay"

Being a teacher may be tough, but there are some moments to treasure. I've definitely had a few over the past few months and topped off this afternoon. There's no time to rest though, the work continues. Onward and upward... once my heart's back together.

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