Sunday, 23 February 2014

Olympic Wrap-up

The Winter Olympics, the Cool Olympics, in which people don't just show off their strength or stamina or speed or skills, but do it on ice or the side of a mountain. My personal favourite events have to be the Snowboard and Ski Cross. Yeah, watching one person slide down a mountain is fun, but far better if there's 6 of them and with humps, jumps and banked corners thrown in for good measure.
     Also, new this time was the Parallel Slalom, which works on a similar principal, although there's only two people. I would like to see two people on a Moguls run at some point as well, and I won't be surprised if it's tried out in the not too distant future.
     Otherwise the Germans have been good a luging, GB bagged another gold in the skeleton and the Canadians are acting like they own the world again. (Well we have to let them, they only get the chance every 4 years). However they haven't managed to finish top of the medal table like last time, Russia took a long time to get going but finally came up trumps, which is fair enough seeing as it was in Sochi. Finishing with 13 Gold medals shows a big improvement too, four years ago they won just 3.
     Other countries that have done well include Norway, finishing second with 11 Golds (2 more than in Vancouver); the Netherlands, finishing 5th with 8 Golds (4 more than in Vancouver); and Belarus with 5 Golds out of 6 medals in total.
     It was not so good for others though, Italy failed to win any Golds; Sweden only claimed 2, down from 5 in Vancouver; and South Korea, the hosts in 2018, dropped from 6 Golds to 3, but maybe they're just saving themselves.
     So now we've watched the experts do it, I guess it's over to us. Perhaps I'll actually manage to strap on a pair of skis before the next Olympics, I'd like that. I mean come on... how hard can it be?

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