Monday, 21 April 2014


I can't believe quite how much I've fitted into the past 15 days, but this is how they went:

Shot home straight from school on Friday 4th, the first time I'd been back since New Year, and had a relatively pleasant 5 days of relaxing, mixed with getting my head around my 3rd essay. A trip to the dentist revealed that I've got to have a tooth pulled out in the not too distant future, but brushing over that, I also wandered over to Nottingham to watch an afternoon of cricket at Trent Bridge, my favourite way to unwind.
After returning to Bath on Wednesday 9th, I met my mentor to plan the coming term, much of which I will be teaching. Then it was back to the essay before Epidemic Life put me in the mood for Holy Week. A mixed weekend of Spirit-filled worship and brain-numbing writing ensued and passed at the speed of light, but it was fine because there was still another week to go!
Then it was a delightful return to Bath Abbey for the annual, Holy Week Pilgrimage, this year from Crosscombe to Bath. We could not of timed it better, or God could not have blessed us more. Four days of perfect weather, beautiful landscape and the best company I could wish to walk with, followed and filled me with peace, hope and joy.

Sadly four days of not working in the world of education can set you back a long way and on Thursday 17th I returned to my desk with some degree of panic. Since then it has been early starts (I work best at around 7am) and tiring afternoons as I try to bring this essay into some kind of order, as well as planning out my lessons for next week! I feel this is a sad way to spend Easter weekend, the most special and glorious of the Christian calendar, but sometimes, I guess, these things have to be done.

Thanks to much support, mostly in the way of prayer, I'm now feeling more peaceful, and with the sun shining again and the Classic fm Hall of Fame on the radio there are worse ways to end a holiday.

I hope your Easter has been as blessed, although not quite so busy, as mine, and that you have had time to stop and wonder again on death and resurrection of Jesus and on His great love for you.

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