Saturday, 26 April 2014

Reflections on Pilgrimage

So this is kind of delayed, but I've been a bit busy, so here are some thoughts on the Bath Abbey Pilgrimage 2014.

The Bible is full of people travelling from one region to another, but one of the least known journeys is that of Abram. Already well on in years Abram heard the call of God while living in a place called Ur (I haven't forgotten, that is actually it's name). Abram did not have the Bible to find out who this God was and in fact how he knew it was God calling him is something of a mystery. Nevertheless he packed his bags and set off around the desert, passing through the mighty city of Babylon and along the rivers making up the Fertile Crescent. He continued all the way to Egypt some 1500 miles away.
     God did not just call him to go on major hike, but promised him that he would be blessed with a Land, a Nation and Offspring as numerous as the stars. For Abram (who became Abraham on the journey) to believe in a God that no-one knew anything about, was one thing, but to have faith that he would inherit a beautiful land, become the leader of a nation and, most of all, have children, when at the time he had none, is mind blowing.
     Abraham had to learn who God is and many times he tried to take matters into his own hands when his trust in God wavered. God was always faithful though, and settled him in the land of Canaan, which is today Israel. Then, when Abraham was 100, his wife gave birth to a son, from whom the nation of the Israelites came.

This was the story we followed as we also travelled to our home, and we, like Abraham, came to learn more of who God is along the way. We discovered more of His love, peace and joy; we hoped and trusted in Him and He did not let us down.
     The Pilgrimage does not end there, though, it continues on in our everyday lives. The world may not have changed, but we have and it is up to us to live in this new understanding of God.

You’re the joy, joy, joy lighting my soul,
the joy, joy, joy making me whole.
Though I'm broken, I am running
into your arms of love.
          (Joy, Rend Collective)

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