Monday, 29 December 2014

2014 - Another Year Gone By

Quite a lot is made of what happens post-school, but not so much post-university. Many things are just assumed, like a job. I am not one for doing something just for the sake of it, though, I would much rather find the right thing.

I began the year in the middle of my PGCE, the year heading in one direction, but soon with some uncertainties. I enjoyed teaching, but everything else that comes with the job was always just out of reach, pulling silly faces at me.

There were plenty of enjoyable moments within all of this. I visited Bristol with both of my placement schools - firstly the museum and later the zoo. I also saw my first live, professional rugby match, at the Rec and my first water polo match, at Bath Uni.

Then there were these incredible guys:

And there was this too!

Come July, though, I had made one decision, I was not going to become a teacher (at least not a formal, schoolly one). This of course left a lot more decisions to be made and a lot more uncertainties. It also meant me leaving the beautiful city of Bath.
However, having finished the busiest/craziest few months of non-stop work in my life, I put aside concerns, firstly for a day at the Trent Bridge test match;
and then for Scotland and the West Highland Way!

So the second half of this odd year began:
There was cricket,
  A day at a private hospital,
    Dropping one sister off in London,
      Helping the other move house in Newcastle,
        A wedding in Winchester,
          and amongst all this job applications, and no positive replies.
I filled time helping out YFC - local and national. (Cheers for the work guys!)
But it all came down to my fall back option. Something I'd had at the back of my mind since about March:
First: Application. Then Wait, Offer, Training, Job! Christmas!
In the grand scheme of things it's not a huge amount of time, but it definitely feels it when you're in it. So life goes on!
There's been other stuff this year and a lot of other amazing people (you know who you are)! Thanks for making it another crazy, wonderful, beautiful year!

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