Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014 Awards

From the books I have read, films I have seen and songs I have heard, here are my number 1s of the year!

Book of the year:
This is a bit tricky, because although I have read eight books for the first time this year, none of them have been outstanding, so I will go for one that I had read before but came back to again in the autumn. It's a fantastic story and a gripping read!

The Testament, by John Grisham
Film of the year:
This is much easier, although I haven't seen so many new movies this year there is a clear standout in my mind.
The Grand Budapest Hotel

Song of the year:
If it hadn't been for a request to pick up a friend at a railway station I might never have heard this song, but it has become an absolute favourite.
Bottled Up Tight

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