Thursday, 26 March 2015

Days of leisure

Apparently the best way for young lads to entertain themselves in Garstang is to spend the evening traversing a zebra crossing in front of every car and faking broken legs half way across. I must admit I found it quite funny, although I'm glad that I have better things to do on my day off - like walking in the Lake District!

A few days ago I completed my first proper day of walking in 2015 with a circuit of Derwent Water and an evening ascent of Catbells, a hill I've not climbed since I was 3 (as far as I'm aware), and a beautiful day it was too, even when it rained.

Not a bad spot to stop for lunch

Can you make out the beginnings of a rainbow in the centre of this picture? (Look carefully!)

It's that bridge...

Sunshine on the valley

Evening reflections

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  1. Beautiful pictures, Jonny, and yes, I can see that hint of a rainbow. A wonderful place to spend a day.