Sunday, 1 March 2015

Wide Games in the Dark

"Put your heels on the edge of the tower for me. Bend your knees, and now lean back. Straighten your legs. Well done, that's the hard bit done. It's up to you now, just start feeding the rope up through your hands. Keep your feet where they are until your nose is level with your toes. Okay now you can start walking down the tower. There you go, easy see. You can try a few jumps if you like. Don't forget to have a look at the view on your way down. You're doing really well. Not much further, and you're down. Well done! Now unhook yourself and then you can come back up and do it again, but this time we'll make it harder."
  ~ A snapshot of PGL life ~

An unusual abseil session in which there were only two guests led to a series of fun descents in which they tried to grab tags off each other on the way down, and had to trust each other by holding the other one's rope. It was a bit windy at the top though and today that wind has blown in the first real dose of snow since I arrived. Fortunately it was only raining last night as a group of us played Capture the Flag and Manhunt in the dark.

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