Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Discussing Christmas Trees

So I had a conversation with a pupil about Christmas Trees today. This was how it went:

Pupil: We put our tree up last night, it has 366 lights on it.

Me: Wow! It must be big!

Pupil: No, we only got a small one this year.

Me: Oh, you mean like our class tree. (I pointed at our tree, which seems to be pretending to be a 3 foot bush)

Pupil: No, it's 10 feet tall.

Me: What! That's taller than I am. (I thought, 'she must be confused')

Pupil: Yeah, well we usually get a 21 foot tree, but Dad decided not to this year.

Me: Err, do you live in a castle?

Pupil: No, we just have a very high ceiling.

(Then she left)

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