Saturday, 14 December 2013

Who is Vygotsky, again?

Nothing particularly funny or interesting happening at the moment. This is the time on a PGCE course when there's nothing for it but to invent a load of waffle and make vague connections to some academic from eighty-seven years ago - I mean, of course, critically analyse observations I have made into the learning theories of Piaget and Vygotsky (can't even pronounce their names).

Christmas feeling has arrived, but it would be much better without the looming deadline. School is bedecked, against the wishes of several self-proclaimed scrooges on the staff, and I have even received a couple of cards from children, who will now be getting A*s on their next piece of homework, or something like that.
     The days and lessons are definitely become less structured. Literacy this week was all about writing instructions, so the children spent 2 hours doing origami and a confused 10 minutes trying to explain in writing how to make a paper frog, or 300, which was about how many they'd made by this time. I guess that counts as something funny and potentially interesting!

Happy Saturday everyone!

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