Thursday, 4 September 2014

Character Study

A writing challenge I set myself. Enjoy!

My name is Jasper Curic. Beside me right now are Rowan Moritz, his twin sister, Rose, and Erin Loven. We have decided to write our story and after much deliberation it has been agreed that we will take it in turns to tell it from our own perspectives.
     To begin with, though, we will tell you about ourselves, but to make it more interesting each of us will write about one of the others. So here is my description of Rose Moritz:
     When I first met Rose she was in the process of winning an argument (or so she claimed) with her Dad. This involved her slamming the front  door and marching past me as I was walking up the garden path. She has long strides for someone who is not particularly tall, and she runs fast, although not gracefully. “Hi, you must be Jasper,” she said loudly as she passed. This, I have discovered, sums Rose up quite well. She is bold and brave (most of the time) and is not afraid of standing up for herself, which probably comes from having a twin brother and a mother who ran off with some guy who was in the army when Rose was only five. Sometimes she can be a bit rash but, once I got to know her, I discovered that she cares very much for all her friends and I would trust her with my life.

*          *          *

Hi. I’m Erin. I’ve had to leave the others and come and sit on the windowsill to write this. They were distracting me. I will tell you about Rowan.
     Rowan Moritz is the kind of person who within five minutes you feel as though you’ve known for years. He seems to be friends with everyone he meets and I guess this has something to do with the way he always has time for you and always listens to what you have to say. He has dark hair, like Rose, and dark eyes that sparkle when he laughs, which happens regularly. I guess he’s quite outgoing, although sometimes he tries to duck out of things and he can also be a bit forgetful. Going fishing on his Dad’s boat is one of his favourite things to do, despite nearly drowning when he was nine.

*          *          *

This is Rose. I’ll keep this brief cause I’m sure you’d much rather read about the story. Having said that, Erin, who I’m about to introduce, is amazing.
     Erin Loven is definitely the most sweet and lovely person I know. She has this wonderful, trusting nature and she likes to think about everything. She learnt to dance when she was younger and now she seems to sort of float everywhere in her long, beautiful skirts. She’s about the same size as me, but with light brown hair and soft eyes, which make all the boys melt, although genuinely I don’t think she’s even aware it half the time.

*          *          *

And I’m Rowan. I’m afraid this won’t be so well written, I never have been as good with words. Mostly I leave that to J, and now I have to write about him.
     Jasper Curic is an interesting guy. He likes exploring and finding out about things and doesn’t really mind what anyone else thinks about him. Some people might say he’s ‘well educated’ and I suppose he is knowledgeable and he always seems to have the right words, but that hasn’t stopped him getting in to trouble at times. In fact our story starts at the moment J arrived in Winmouth, and really it’s him we have to thank for having a story at all.

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