Tuesday, 30 September 2014

First Dance

Two pairs of shoes meet on a polished floor. One pair dark, the other almost hidden but gleaming softly. They twitch nervously and smile, then they are still.

Other shoes gather around the edge of the floor and watch in quiet awe as the two pairs begin to tap with small steps, growing in confidence. Above them knees bend, hands meet and shoulders sway, but the shoes are doing the talking now.

The music swells and the shoes leap into new found life, twisting and shaking with joy, bringing a cheer from the onlookers. Then they meet again in the middle and it's like no one else is there.

The shoes keep time and seem to know each other so well. To the others they are almost a blur and it's hard to tell if there are two pairs or one crossing the floor.

Dance away and dance away, and those shoes will bring you home with joy in the morning.

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