Monday, 6 October 2014

Where the Nimlets live

The land where the Nimlets live is a mysterious place. It is hard to find and little is known about what goes on there. Many people could pass right by and never realise they had missed it. Hidden amongst trees and bordered by green hills the Nimlets live peacefully in their homes in the Neveth. It is only when they leave their country that things change.

The Nimlets dwell mostly around the shores of a large lake, known as Ialtas Mere, in the middle of which is an island. The mere is deep, but the surface is calm, glinting in the sunshine and moonlight. The island, however, is the nerve-centre of the Nimlet’s labours, and although externally it appears just as quiet as the shore, it is there that all important decisions are made.
            Into the lake run seven streams from the hills around, but out of it flows the river Ultilla. As it descends out of the Neveth the river deepens and leads southward towards the desert. For while the land of the Nimlets is fertile and full of life, beyond their borders the ground is hard and barren. The earth is cracked and dust covers everything. Sometimes storms will raise up clouds of sand and bitter winds will stir the stones, but it doesn’t rain. The people there cling to fragile lives and they barely notice anyone but themselves. They have heard only rumours of the Neveth.

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