Friday, 17 October 2014

Favourites - films

To follow on from my previous post in which I shared some of my favourite books, I will now reveal my favourite films (in no particular order). I noticed that these five fall into very different categories and so that is how I have introduced them. Here they are:

The Epic
Dances with Wolves
As a fan of epic movies and history this easily lands high on my list. It is the story of Lt. John Dubar who chooses to go to a remote civil war outpost which turns out to be abandoned. Slowly he befriends wolves and Indians and turns his back on the military. The film is beautiful, displaying the wide plains of central America in all their glory.

The Animation
Flushed Away
An Aardman creation, which for me always bodes well, this is possibly the funniest film I have ever seen. A posh English rat is flushed down a toilet and finds himself in the underground world of the London sewers, where one fat frog is hoping to drive the rat population to extinction. Outrageous and ridiculous, I don't care who you are, this is brilliant (there are singing slugs!!!).

The Critically Acclaimed
The Shawshank Redemption
A powerful story of a man wrongfully imprisoned and quietly determined to break out. This is a film of friendship and survival and how hope can conquer fear. Wonderfully acted and nominated for seven Oscars, this really is a must see.

The Thought-provoking Drama
Pay it Forward
The intriguing tale of a boy who is challenged by his teacher to find a way to change the world and responds with his idea of 'Pay it forward'. If someone does a good thing for you, it is up to you to pass it on (rather than back), and help three other people, until the whole world has been affected. Gritty and realistic this film never fails to move me.

The Action/Fantasy
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Perhaps not the greatest film ever made, but thoroughly enjoyable. I won't bother describing the story but it is possibly the perfect, all-action, entertainment spectacle and as we know, features Johnny Depp doing what he was born to do. Mad and brilliant.

Other of my much watched movies which sadly haven't appeared in this list include: A Knight's Tale, Gladiator, We Bought a Zoo, Some Like It Hot, High Noon, Bruce Almighty, and the list could go on, but there it is. Feel free to share your favourites or offer me suggestions!

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