Monday, 22 September 2014


63 light years from Earth there's a planet where it rains glass sideways, in 7000km/h winds.
This is an unbelievable piece of human knowledge (of course it could be made up, I personally have no way of knowing, although I found out through QI and they generally know their stuff). Anyway, taking it as true, to know this fact blows my mind. How can we possibly know that?!
     As far as I can tell it is a useless fact, except possibly pointing to a creator of this vast universe, but it also suggests to me that the human race is now struggling to come up with anything remotely helpful. To be fair we have discovered and invented just about everything we need to live healthy, happy lives, it's a pity though, that such a small percentage of the world has access to such discoveries and inventions.
If all the world's gold was divided equally among the population, we'd each get £589's worth.
There's another fact for you, although this one was true a few months ago and the world's population has increased since then. It makes no odds (obviously) but I wouldn't want the gold anyway, it is as useless to me as the fact. This world isn't run on gold any more, despite what our bank notes still say.
     Some people still try to run their own lives on money, but I prefer to run mine on friends, on the people I talk to. They do a better job of keeping me alive.
By the way, did you know that in 2007, 170 Swiss troops accidentally invaded Liechtenstein after getting lost on a training exercise. Honestly, humans, we're astounding.

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