Friday, 13 February 2015

Lakes, Breaks and Busy Days

Internet issues have prevented me from blogging for a few days, but anyway, things are settling down here after a busy couple of weeks. I’m still picking up new stuff and running different sessions, as well as assisting with the evening entertainment, which is mostly playing silly games with the kids for an hour and a half.

On Wednesday I spent my day off in the Lake District mooching about in the mist. I stopped by in Windermere, which looked calm, cold and mystical, but was slightly spoiled for me by the vast quantity of buoys distorting the beautiful visage. After a dramatic drive over the mist covered Kirkstone Pass I stopped again by Ullswater and walked along the shore for a few miles. I passed through Patterdale to relive some Coast to Coast moments from 2012 and then climbed a little way up the hill beyond.

Grey Windermere

Similarly grey Ullswater

Patterdale from above

Whiteout 1500 feet up on the Kirkstone Pass

Since then there have been more sessions, housework (bed making and vacuuming) and site work (anything from fixing the tyre walls on the quad bike courses to sorting wires in Study, oh and more vacuuming). Still it keeps me busy.

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  1. Great atmospheric photos - glad you survived the whiteout and the vacuum cleaning