Sunday, 8 February 2015

Week 1 - Kids, Cameras and Cold Days

Today ends the first week of the season at Winmarleigh, although I've been here two and a half now. The place has been packed with small people (5 groups in the week and two more over the weekend) and all of them wanting study sessions which has kept the few study instructors (like myself) very busy. Mostly it's been PGL TV, a double session of music video making and TV presenting! So while everyone else was complaining of the cold, we were turning on the air-con (12 computers with a child each makes it quite warm).

There's no rest yet either as the new week begins and the next groups arrive, but I did sneak in a visit to Blackpool, which considering it's less than 20 miles away, takes a ridiculously long time to get to. For a while I became certain it wasn't by the sea at all, after I'd been driving through the town for 10 minutes and hadn't even seen a sign for the beach let alone the unlit illuminations. I found it eventually and had a stroll along the promenade, although when I went back to find my car all the buildings had moved round and I lost it/walked straight past it.

Tonight there may be a child-free bonfire/chance to learn some more songs (I'm still working on them), or there may not, it's hard to tell with these bonfires.


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