Saturday, 7 September 2013

A new era

'Era' is a very small word for such a big term. It is also an anagram of 'ear', but I cannot think of anything insightful to say about that.
     Anyway, look at this, my blog is all new! Well it isn't, everything that was there before is still there, but it looks new. This is because I have now graduated from my degree in Creative Writing (2:1, thanks very much for asking) and am about to begin my life as a Primary School Teacher, hence the whole 'new era' thing. So I thought I'd give the blog it's first big shake up in nearly two years. Let me know if it looks bad, then I can block you and we'll all carry on. (Jokes). Seriously, if you can't read a word due to the font type, it would be nice to know, cause I'm not just writing this for my own amusement, no. It's for your amusement, when you've really run out of things to do, such as walking the fish or rearranging your DVD shelf into alphabetical order by Director.
     Brilliant, so now we've cleared that up. Welcome, or welcome back. Hopefully as a teacher I will have much to write about, and if not I'll just bash out anything that comes to mind, much as I have been up to this point. Hope that sounds good!
     Thanks amigos!

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  1. Looking fwd to hearing some of the funny things the kids say in your classes!!!