Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The year begins...

So today was the beginning of my PGCE, although it wasn't as dramatic as it sounds. Merely an introduction day in which we were inundated with information, booklets and an excessive number of bags. These latter items came from the three Teacher Unions, who were all insistent we signed up. Of course no student can turn their nose up at the words, "It's free" especially when there are goodies in store. Along with the bags, I received sweets, pens, a year planner and a diary. Not a bad haul.
     We were sent to meet our 'Academic groups' - these are different from our 'Teaching groups', who we meet tomorrow, although I can't see why - and we spent most of the hour playing 'Get to know each other games', which I'm impressed to say almost everyone (in my group) threw themselves into enthusiastically. I guess to anyone else a group of twenty adults playing 'Dip Dop', or whatever it was, is either an odd party or time wasting, but it helped to break the ice I'm sure.
     All in all then it wasn't so bad for my first day of study in about four months (never again will my summers be so long, *sob*) but of course it'll only get tougher from here. Bring it on!

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