Monday, 30 September 2013

Placement - Day 1

I've come home with paint on my hands, that can only mean one thing - I've thrown it in and become a decorator. Just kidding, I've been in school all day!
     So my fourth week of PGCE brings about my first day of placement in a medium size primary school, where I have joined a year 5 class. And there was no time like the present this morning as I dived straight into Maths, with the kids definitely teaching me as much as me them (except they didn't realise it). Then there was French - same situation. I listened to a group read, helped with Literacy and kept paint pots filled up during Art, hence the coloured hands thing!
     The rest of the day was mostly spent entertaining the children with the possibilities about my first name, after they'd worked out from my badge that it began with a 'J'. I was offered, amongst others Jack, Jaffa Cake and, obscurely, Sean.
     Tomorrow it's Harvest Service time in the local Church, so not much chance of getting into the rhythm of things, but it should be fun. On with the show...

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