Monday, 16 September 2013

Just another manic monday

It's 6pm, I've been working on and off (but mostly on) since 8am, and I think it takes some kind of disaster to end the day with more work to do than I started with. Of course I haven't really, it's just that I've spent the day (in the off periods, along with watching rain clouds and pigeons) discovering all the extra things I have to do that I didn't know about at the start.
     So it's welcome to the pgce course for me. There are two different English classes to prepare for (Pedagogy and Subject knowledge) and the same for Maths, then science and ICT. Plus the more obscure seminars called Teaching in a Diverse Society, Teachers as Researchers and Professional Studies (where we learn how to be professional (rather than amateurs) I guess). For each one there are readings and questions and forms and things to print off, which may or may not come in useful.
     However, I have also learnt/read some things today. Including a fair amount about Phonics ("A method of teaching children to read by teaching them to recognise and use sound-symbol correspondences." - But of course you knew that already). Most surprising was the sentence, "There are 20 or so vowels in English speech...", which made me wonder why only 5 have ever appeared on Countdown.
     Anyway, I should probably get back to writing my perspective on the "current debates surrounding the teaching of early reading". I didn't even know I had a perspective this morning.

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